I’m so excited people, this is my first team up ever!!

Chef Barret, a very talented chef, and one of the brightest participants of  Hell’s Kitchen 11, was super cool at the idea of cooking with me!

Did you know he was just out of culinary school when he was first chosen for Hell’s Kitchen? More details about his journey through Hell are on his Official Page!


I asked the Chef t to share his signature recipe with me, and I remade it for all of you guys! This amazing Grilled Swordfish with Tequila & Caper Sauce over Black Garlic Polenta is the perfect restaurant dish you can easily prepare at home!

Thank you so much Chef Barret, you totally made my day, my week, my month, my year!




Barret: I came up with this recipe because when Hell’s Kitchen was casting we needed to have a signature dish. I was talking with my executive chef about what I should do as mine and he  said, “Figure it out. Start putting things together that you think would taste good…. and make it your own.” I did just that and started putting ingredients together and this is what I came up with. The only recommendation I have for this recipe is not to skip the black garlic (if you have the possibility), TRUST ME black garlic is amazing and is nothing like regular garlic.. It is savory, creamy and soft!

Grilled Swordfish with Tequila&Capers Sauce over Black Garlic Polenta

8 oz Swordfish Steak, skin on

5  Cloves Black Garlic, mashed (if you don’t find it use regular garlic previously blanched and core removed)

1 oz Capers, rinsed

1 Shallot, finely chopped

1/4 oz Fresh ground Pink Peppercorn

4 oz Jose Cuervo Tequila

1 Lemon, zest only

1 Lime, zest + 1/2 lime juice

1 Tomato, seeds and juice removed and finely diced

Handful of Cilantro, finely chopped

1 Red Onion, finely chopped

3 Scallions, cut diagonally into slices

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Cup Yellow Cornmeal

2 Cups Chicken Stock

3 oz Heavy Cream

Kosher Salt



Coat the swordfish steak with a little Extravirgin Olive Oil and lightly season with Kosher Salt. Meanwhile heat a grill pan over medium heat.


Place the swordfish steak on the grill and cook for about 10-12 mins. Halfway through cooking time, turn fish 90° on the grill replacing it on the same side it has been cooking on to make cross grill marks.


After grilling the swordfish, transfer the steak into a lightly greased baking tray and finish cooking in a preheated oven to 375F (190C) for 5 mins.


While the swordfish is grilling up , bring a large pot with the stock to a boil, when starts bubbling add the mashed black garlic and whisk until is mostly dissolved into the stock.


Slowly add the yellow cornmeal in a steady stream while whisking consistently until polenta starts to pull away from pot (approx 15-20 min until done). Once ready, adjust with salt and pepper and set polenta aside in a warm place, until needed.


For the Tequila and Capers Sauce: In a sauté pan put a little extravirgin olive oil add the  minced shallot , ground pink peppercorn and capers and let cook over medium heat for about 3 mins. Pull sauté pan away from the heat, add the Tequila and return to the stove to Flambé. Let the alcohol reduce until almost dry, then add the heavy cream and reduce until slightly thickened. Adjust with salt and pepper and set aside until needed.


For the Pico de Galo ( a mexican salsa, ndr): In a bowl, combine the diced tomato, red onion, chopped cilantro, zest of 1 lemon, zest of 1 lime, scallions and juice of 1 half a lime. Mix it up, season and set it aside.


Plate the dish up, spoon a bed of Polenta onto a serving dish, add a little bit of Tequila sauce and arrange the swordfish steak on top of it. On the steak spoon a little more of the tequila sauce and top with Pico de Galo.

Serve immediately and enjoy this amazing dish!

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