Looking for easy tips about introducing cows’ milk to your toddler? Here you will find my experience and some simple tips that may help you out!

When I started weaning my baby, everything was new and honestly a bit overwhelming, especially when it came to introducing cows’ milk to baby Noah.

So, today I wanted to share my experience, which hopefully can be a bit of help if you’re going through the same process with your child.

***This post is sponsored by a2 Milk™. All opinions are my own as usual***

Let’s start by saying that I’ve breastfed my baby until it was about 5 months. Then for health reasons and under the supervision of our paediatrician, we switched to formula up until he was about 15 months.

The switch was easy and went smoothly, with baby Noah having no issues at all with the change.

When Can You Start Giving Cows’ Milk To Your Baby?

Experts agree that it’s OK to start introducing cows’ milk after your baby’s first year. 

glass full of milk and jug full of milk on wood kitchen counter, kitchen in the background

It’s highly discouraged to introduce cows’ milk to your baby before the first year because infants cannot digest cows’ milk as completely or easily as they digest breast milk or formula.

You can read more helpful info on the NHS website. You should definitely ask your paediatrician first, because each baby has individual, specific requirements.

After Noah turned 16 months, we decided to give cows’ milk a full try, again, under the supervision of the paediatrician (my advice is to always talk to your baby’s doctor before making a big change on your baby’s diet).

What Type of Cows’ Milk Should I Give To My Toddler?

As advised by the NHS (check the link above), it’s best to give your baby fresh whole milk.

toddler holding carton of a2 milk, next to glass and jug full of milk, kitchen in the background

This is because it provides the full milk fat needed for your toddler’s developing brain. You can read more helpful info here.

Did you know that human breast milk was only A2 protein? So, when the time came for weaning baby Noah a2 Milk™ was the natural choice, plus the rest of the family have been enjoying this award-winning milk for years already!

a2 Milk™ is the only fresh cows’ milk that comes from specially chosen cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and none of the A1 protein.

The taste is identical to regular cows’ milk, but I think it actually tastes even better!

Easy Tips For Introducing Cows’ Milk To Your Child

We may take for granted that our children will love cows’ milk at first sip. However, just because your 1-year-old baby is ready for milk doesn’t necessarily mean he will like the taste of it.

hand holding a glass of milk, next to a toddler, and a jug of milk, kitchen in the background

After all, breast milk and formula are slightly sweeter than straight cows’ milk — which means you might need to help your child get used to the new taste. 

Here are some easy tips to make it easier for your toddler to like cows’ milk:

Mix it up with breast milk or formula. To help your child get used to the different taste and “mouth feel” of cows’ milk, serve it blended with breast milk or formula, gradually increasing the amount of milk in the mix.

I first started mixing 1/3 of a cup of cows’ milk with 2/3 of formula milk. After a few days, I increased the percentage, mixing half cup of cow’s milk with half cup of formula. 

Then, after a few more days, baby Noah was happily ready to drink a full cup of a2 Milk™.

Sneak it into snacks and meals. Ideally, you want your child to take most of his milk plain.

But it’s totally ok to sneak in some of his daily milk allotment over cereal, or use it in oatmeal instead of water, or blend it up in a smoothie.

You can also sneak milk into soups, mashed potatoes or pasta sauces.

Simple Recipes To Introduce Milk To A Toddler

Noah’s diet was already very rich after his first year, so before making a complete switch, I first started sneaking in a little bit of a2 Milk™ in his smoothies, and some of his snacks and meals.

glass full of milk and jug full of milk on wood kitchen counter, kitchen in the background

He now loves drinking his milk plain early in the morning and before bedtime, in addition to having it in other foods I cook and bake for him over the day.

To make your life easier, I’ve put together a few recipes for you to try that use a2 Milk™.

These are some of my child’s favourite recipes:

As an added bonus, the whole family loves them too, so no need to prep lots of different meals to make everyone happy!

I really hope you can find my experience about introducing cows’ milk to my toddler helpful.

Please don’t forget to share your experience and tips in the comments below, I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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