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We’ve partnered with Native Foodie, the place where real foodies connect,  to create a fun,  relaxing experience in the park, to share with all of you fans of The Petite Cook!

If you happen to be in London, it’s time for you to just enjoy a day out in the sun and meet “the petite“, surrounded by delicious food and great atmosphere!

Thanks to Native foodie, you can  now book a picnic lunch in the park, any weekend this Summer.

Let’s chat about Summer memories, while tasting some of the most delicious recipes we have created for an absolutely fantastic outdoor meal!

Bring your friends, kids and dogs along with you, everybody is invited to share their stories and enjoy grilled chicken kebabs, Mediterranean pasta salad, healthy crudites and tasty finger food from around the world.

Any delicious meal must be followed by an even better dessert, right?

After lunch, we’ll go hunting around the park for one of the popular ice cream vans, and put our hands on seriously-to-die-for homemade ice creams!

This experience is about to become our most favorite time this season, being a foodie has never been more fun!

native Foodie


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