If you want to look healthier or you’re trying to lose weight, detox water is the most easy way to help your body eliminate harmful toxins.

Adding a healthy dose of fresh fruits and herbs is an amazing trick to trasform plain water into a delicious drink packed extra health benefits.

This Spring Detox Water is refreshing, super hydrating and tastes delicious. It’s super easy to make, you only need fresh strawberries, a sliced lime and a rosemery sprig. Put them all together into a jug of filtered water and refrigerate for 2 hours. After that, you’re good to go and drink it up whenever you’re thirsty!

Strawberries  add a sweet note to the water ( plus, they’re in season now!), they also provide antioxidants and added vitamins and minerals to your body. Limes are known for their cleansing effect, adding one into your detox water will help out the digestive system.

Rosemary is a fantastic addition, and it’s packed with health benefits. It includes substances that are useful for stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation, and even contains anti-inflammatory properties.

I’ve started drinking this Spring detox water last week and I feel fantastic, my tummy is flat and my skin is glowing. I can easily say it has become my favorite drink, at least until the next detox water recipe!

Spring detox water - thepetitecook.com

Spring detox water – thepetitecook.com


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