The Petite Cook has recently put her hands on the revolutionary Philips VivaCollection Airfryer, one of the most healthy kitchen appliances we have tested&loved this year!

The Airfryer is an innovative machine that uses  Rapid Air Technology – fast circulating hot air and a grill element – to allow you to cook a variety of foods with only 1?2 tbsp of oil ( 80% less fat  than a conventional fryer) and easily works as an oven substitute too. Let’s find out how it works and how it will transform your way of cooking!

Philips VivaCollection Airfryer review by The Petite Cook

Philips VivaCollection Airfryer


I usually avoid deep-frying at home and in general fried food. The main reasons is that deep-frying is not healthy, but it’s also a waste of oil, not to mention how hard is to dispose of it afterwards ( do not throw it away through your sink, it’s highly harmful to the environment). Last but not least, I have to fight with the smell that surrounds the house and lasts for hours. In a few words, there’s no chance you can see me deep-frying in the Petite kitchen.

This quirky designed appliance is the best compromise I could find for making healthier fries and other quick meals without feeling guilty. It comes in a elegant glossy black colour and it doesn’t take much space on the counter. You can easily regulate and adjust temperature and timing prior and during your cooking.

It’s perfect for making meals for two and considering the compact size, it would also be great for a student living far from home. From a small batch of brownies,  to a large bowl of french fries and many more favorite comfort foods, the Airfryer has all covered for you. Since I have it, I almost completely forgot there’s a oven at home!

Healthy French Fries:

Philips VivaCollection Airfryer review by The Petite Cook

Helthier, crispy homemade french fries.


I had fun challenging the Airfryer with various foods, starting of course with french fries.

Soak the potato sticks into salted water for 30 mins, to get the excess starch out, pat dry  and then finally put them into the Airfryer. You only need to preheat the machine for about 3 mins before adding the potatoes, then cook them for 10 mins at 200C. Once the air-frying process is done, sprinkle with salt and indulge into hot, crispy and not-greasy-at-all french fries. All the goodness with just 1/2 tbsp of oil!

Homemade Hamburgers:

Philips VivaCollection Airfryer review by The Petite Cook

Tasty quarter pound beef burgers.


Burgers are french fries best friends. So I’ve also prepared 2 quarter pound burgers to accompany the fries. No oil is required, the fats in the meat will be your substitute, and you’ll get healthier burgers since all the fats drain through the grill.

Just put 2 fresh beef burgers in the Airfryer and grill for 10 min at 180C, turning them on the other side half-way through cooking time and lowing the temperature to 160C. I’ve got 2 medium-rare burgers nicely and evenly seared on the outside and slightly pink in the inside. Works perfect to me, but if you like it medium-well done just cook for 12 mins.


Philips VivaCollection Airfryer review by The Petite Cook

Grilled quarter pound burger


After the burgers were done, I’ve grilled the buns for 2 mins at 160C. They came out crispy and soft on the inside, just like the way you want them to be. All you have to do after is adding all the greens you like, sliced onions and tomatoes and there you go, your homemade burgers are ready to serve in less than 15 mins with little effort if none!

Quick Classic Roasted Potatoes:

Philips VivaCollection Airfryer review by The Petite Cook

Classic roasted potatoes with butter and fresh herbs


I love classic sides like roasting potatoes. I haven’t yet tried to cook other kind of meats in the Airfryer but it did give it a try with this traditional side and I couldn’t have been more impressed.

Simply mix the potatoes with fresh herbs and a knob of melted butter, place them in the Airfryer and cook for 15 mins at 200C. Shake them half-way through and low the temperature if they’re browning to quickly. Once done, just sprinkle with freshly cracked salt and pepper and serve immediately!


Overall, the Philips Airfryer is a great addition to your kitchen, it’s easy to use, compact and allows you to keep a healthy lifestyle even with traditionally unhealthy meals, plus it keeps your kitchen tidy and mess- free.

If you’re thinking about a surprising Christmas gift for foodies, this is something that will really impress your loved ones!

Philips Airfryer Features

  • Unique design and Rapid Air Technology for delicious and low-fat cooking results.
  • Fully adjustable temperature control lets you select the optimal cooking temperature for your food up to 390 degrees.
  • Timer allows you to pre-set cooking times of up to 60 minutes. The auto-off function includes a “ready”sound indicator.
  • Food rack separator accessory allows you to fry multiple dishes at the same time and prevents the flavors of different foods mixing with each other.
  • Removable drawer and food basket feature a non-stick coating and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Available both on Philips UK and Amazon US.
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

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Thank you to Philips for sending the VivaCollection Airfryer to The Petite Cook to get our honest review and opinions.