Work with Me

I absolutely love collaborating with new and exciting brands and people that share my same philosophy!

Some ways we can work together:

Recipe Development: Cooking is what I enjoy the most! Please contact me if you would like creative new recipes for your company or brand. I’d love everybody to enjoy and get passionate about food as much as I do, so I’ll happily develop allergy-friendly recipes, including dairy-free, gluten-free and also raw & vegan recipes too.

Product Giveaways and Reviews: I will only review/host giveaways for products that I personally love, use, and know my readers will enjoy as well. I will never host a giveaway or publish a review for products I do not genuinely enjoy or have never tasted/used. TPC readers will only get the best of the best.

Food Styling & Photography: I will gladly work with you to photograph existing company recipes, restaurant dishes, and foodie events,  using my own personal equipment and style.

Social Media Sharing: The Petite Cook goes beyond this website. I share my passion with all the food lovers on all forms of social media, including, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  If you have a great product, host a foodie event, or incredibly delicious food news, let’s chat! I love sharing exciting food news with all our fans!

Brand Ambassador Programs: I would love to partner with your company or brand and create a customized social media campaign to help you meet your advertising or marketing goals. Twitter chatssponsored posts, Facebook giveaways, foodie event participations, are just a few ways I can help with.

I want to hear your ideas. Get in touch for collaborations, info, questions, marriage proposals at