Say hello to the brand new Youtube channel of The Petite Cook!

So many of you asked me on Facebook why I wasn’t uploading my videos on Youtube, so I said… Let’s do this!!!

I will update you weekly with my yummy video recipes, foodies adventures around the world, funny food/cooking tips, and a lot more, sky is the limit!

I’m a very shy petite cook, so I hope starting this new adventure helps me out from my comfort zone into a new exciting challenge. I’ve always felt mor comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of. So I guess, things are about to change!

My first video is already up , I’ve made a super fun 3-step-tutorial for my super tasty & quick homemade rocket pesto sauce!

Let me know what videos you would like to see in the future! And don’t forget to subscribe!

The Petite Cook on Youtube

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