Tired of making the same chicken recipes all over again? Here are 25 exciting healthy chicken recipes the whole family will love!

Getting bored with eating the same old grilled chicken breast? If you’re looking for new exciting healthy chicken recipes to try, this is the right place!

We’ve got you covered with healthy versions of your favorites (lightened up fried chicken, anyone?), plus feel-good soups, salads, skewers, and more. 

A fast and family-friendly weeknight staple, chicken is a go-to protein for many families. 

Chicken breast, in particular, is a versatile and lean source of protein, and can be easily incorporated in loads of family-friendly recipes.

From brighten-up chicken curry to vibrant chicken salads and grilled chicken recipes, this round-up is packed with healthy chicken recipes for your everyday cooking.

Perfect for light lunches and quick dinners, potlucks, summer and winter parties alike!

Chicken Main Course Recipes

Lemon Chicken Skewers

lemon chicken skewers

Quick and healthy lemon chicken skewers are ready in less than 30 minutes and require only 5 simple ingredients!

Tequila Lime Chicken

tequila lime chicken

Packed with vibrant flavour, dairy-free, gluten-free and ready in just 30 minutes – A fun Mexican-style dish perfect for friday night and week-night meals alike!

Baked Zucchini and Chicken Nuggets

Healthy Chicken and Zucchini Nuggets easy kids recipe quick meal

Baked chicken nuggets with extra veggies cleverly sneaked in. This is sure to become a hit among kids and grown-ups!

Baked Fried Chicken

baked fried chicken

A clever coating mix and technique make this healthy version of fried chicken a real hit!

Sweet Potato Chicken Cottage Pie

sweet potato chicken cottage pie healthy chicken recipe

This Sweet Potato Chicken Cottage Pie is a healthier version of one of the most popular British comfort foods – Ready in 30 min and veggie-loaded!

Grilled Chicken With Green Bean Potato Salad

grilled chicken with green bean potato salad

This Grilled Chicken with Green Bean Potato Salad is one of those perfect-for-every-season meals. Light, full-filling and completely mayo-free and gluten-free!

Paleo Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Delicious and easy chicken skewers paired with a flavorful peanut sauce.

Turmeric Chicken

Turmeric Chicken

An easy one-pot meal made with chicken and chickpeas. Serve it over rice for a delicious dinner in under 30 minutes.

Chicken Soup Recipes

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup


Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

Easy 15-minute Asian chicken soup made with a delicious heartwarming broth. Perfect for the cold season!

Cold-fighting Chicken Soup with kale and Orzo

Cold-fighting chicken soup with kale and orzo

Made with a touch of turmeric, lots of garlic, lemon and red pepper flakes, this soup might help you fighting a cold this winter.

Avgolemono Soup (Greek Lemon Chicken Soup)

Avgolemon soup greek chicken lemon soup

Traditional Greek chicken soup with eggs and lemon added in. It’s smooth, light and loaded with flavour.

Quick and Easy Chicken Curry Soup

Quick and easy chicken curry soup

This easy chicken curry soup combines the fresh flavors of turmeric and coconut for a comfort soup that is also dairy-free and gluten-free.

Creamy Chicken Soup with Wild Rice

Creamy Chicken Soup with Wild Rice

A creamy and comforting soup that it’s perfect both for lunch and dinner.

Coconut Chicken Soup

coconut chicken soup

This easy Coconut Chicken Soup has a delicious coconut aroma and will keep your belly warm and full for long.

Cold-fighting Couscous Chicken Soup

cold-fighting couscous chicken soup

This easy soup is loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, and garlic, to help you stay healthy over the winter.


Chicken Curry Recipes

Indian Chicken Saag

Indian chicken saag

A simplified healthier version of the popular chicken saag, this easy spinach chicken curry promises to satisfy your curry cravings.

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry


Thai Red Curry Chicken

red curry chicken

This super simple Thai curry loaded with vibrant flavour and veggies makes an awesome chicken dinner.

Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry

Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry

A simple and easy curry featuring chicken thigh (you can use chicken breast if you like) in an aromatic herbs-infused curry coconut sauce.



Chicken Salad Recipes

Coronation Chicken Salad

coronation chicken salad

This chicken coronation salad is a traditional favourite. Serve it with a green salad, make sandwiches or use it as a topping for baked potatoes.

Mexican Chicken Salad

mexican chicken salad

This fresh and flavourful Mexican-style chicken salad makes a super quick healthy dinner that is guaranteed to fill you up.

Thai Chicken Power Salad

Thai chicken power salad - Healthy, gluten free, easy and quick, great for lunch! thepetitecook.com

This Thai chicken power salad features nutritious ingredients and a super-easy flavorful marinade that will bring new life to classic grilled chicken breast.

Pumpkin Seed Crusted Chicken Salad

Pumpkin Seed Crusted Chicken Salad

A fresh and vibrant salad featuring crispy chicken in a pumpkin seeds crust, lots of fresh veggies and pumpkin seed oil-based dressing.

Chicken and Mango Salad

Chicken and Mango salad

You can’t beat the chicken and mango combo for a refreshing nutritious salad!

Healthy Chicken Salad with Avocado

healthy chicken salad with avocado

A super quick delicious chicken salad that’s great on its own and even better as a wrap filling.

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